The Presentation of the Person of Jesus in John's Gospel Essay

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The Presentation of the Person of Jesus in John's Gospel

Throughout John’s Gospel Jesus is portrayed in different ways. He is described as “flesh” yet he also has divine qualities and characteristics. John regards Jesus as Logos meaning “word”. According to Lightfoot the logos had “diverse origins and might convey different shades of meaning to different readers”. Such readers would be Jews and Greeks. This quote proves one of John’s main purposes to be universal.

First the Jewish background relating back to the logos or ‘Word’ of God. This was seen as a creative force as mentioned in chapter 1 Genesis. This also connected to the prophets where they delivered God’s word to the
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‘Before Abraham was I am’, 8v58 and 10v30 ‘I and the Father are one’. John presents Jesus using ‘I am’ and the language of the divine, which Jesus shares, the divine status.

Jesus as Lord, which is a title, which shows Jesus as a figure to be respected, used by Martha and Mary to stress the belief that Jesus is the Messiah. Chapter 13 shows examples of Simon Peter, John and Thomas call Jesus Lord.

Jesus as the prophet, Messiah and King of Israel in 4v19 the Samaritan woman acknowledges Jesus as a Prophet. This term implies Jesus’ knowingness and evident in trials and passion narratives, John portrays Jesus as ‘The Prophet’. 6v14 is the feeding of the 5000 shows supremacy and quotes of the Lord. 1v17, Jesus is identified as Christos like the Messiah. Unlike Mark’s gospel there is no veiled Messianic Secret in John for example in Signs. 7v14 ‘This is the Christ’. Mary anoints Jesus a sign of Messiahship. Jesus is rejected, he lays down his life freely and re-enters glory. Kingship is a recurring theme, when Jesus enters Jerusalem, in his trials and the notice, which Pilate put above his head ‘King of the Jews’.

Jesus as the Son of Man This is the title Jesus gave to himself and no one else in the time of Jesus used it to describe him.

It dates back to the book of Daniel 7:13- 14. Through Daniels vision we notice that the Son of man has authority. This belief is
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