The Preservation Of Life And The Right

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The preservation of life and the right to protect it, is the inherent responsibility of anyone who considers themselves a defender of freedom. It gives the nation its spirit in the face of tyranny, a voice that shouts through oppression and a sense of order through the cloud dysfunction and discombobulation. It is essential to understand what the essence of freedom encompasses as the nation drives forward in its examples of both security and defense for the world to emulate. The United States continues to become the focal point of attacks by an enemy who sees America as a “cesspool of evil” that needs to be eradicated. This hatred is not limited to one region or area of the world or its people that inhabit them. Whether the attack is physical or through an avenue that cannot be seen, such as a cyber attack, a growing number of threats and attacks threaten the very core of what American Ideology is all about. The Department of Homeland Security and Homeland Defense were constructed to secure and defend the nation from such brazen attacks by preparing local, state and federal assets to protect against foreign intrusion and natural disasters in and out of the United States. While the Department of Homeland Security and Homeland Defense solidified critical procedures against terror, those procedures are not all inclusive and adapt as the threat changes. Several agencies work on a 24 hour basis to ensure the sovereignty of the nation remains intact. The enemies of the United
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