The Presidency Has Changed Us Equal Opportunity

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Samantha Ruiz
AP Government and Politics
7 December 2014

The presidency has been the face of American government, and during times of crisis people are more willing to let him take executive action. The founding fathers had a vision for the nation, devoid of tyranny, with a system of checks and balances that would prevent the abuse of power. But at what point does the president become imperial? Some of the most noteworthy presidents have been imperialistic, because they have progressively expanded their powers as it is deemed necessary in order to fulfill their duty to the country. Yes, the imperial presidency has pushed the limits of power and has caused turmoil among politicians who fear that it has gone to far. The American government was built upon a foundation of values, we lead by example as one of the strongest nations in the world. We stand together unified by the home we share, the culture we weave together, and the laws that provide us equal opportunity. Our constitution was written and signed in 1787, a document that came to be ratified by the states and continues to be the supreme law of the land 227 years later under very different interpretations. The acceleration of executive power has not happened because the president suddenly decided to partake in more aggressive actions, but to ensure the safety while managing foreign affairs that cannot be brought to congress for approval. We do not fear war, but we seldom involve ourselves in battle unless…
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