The Presidency Has Changed Us Equal Opportunity

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Samantha Ruiz AP Government and Politics Arban 7 December 2014 The presidency has been the face of American government, and during times of crisis people are more willing to let him take executive action. The founding fathers had a vision for the nation, devoid of tyranny, with a system of checks and balances that would prevent the abuse of power. But at what point does the president become imperial? Some of the most noteworthy presidents have been imperialistic, because they have progressively expanded their powers as it is deemed necessary in order to fulfill their duty to the country. Yes, the imperial presidency has pushed the limits of power and has caused turmoil among politicians who fear that it has gone to far. The American…show more content…
Thus the imperial presidency was born from foreign affairs, from “faith and duty and the right of the United States to intervene swiftly in every part of the world” at any moment without the approval of congress (Schlesinger). Past presidents have dealt with national emergencies, this pressure is responsibility that he “must take unto himself” and act accordingly (Schlesinger). Good government starts with the appearance of our leader, and the entire executive office. The president should be representative of the all people in the United States, an exceptional role model who takes the people’s needs into account. The best time for a strong imperialistic president is when faction, anarchy, and excessive ambitions threaten it. The energy put forth by the president “generally characterize the proceedings of one man in a much more eminent degree” than that of a weaker and more dispersed power system (Hamilton). The importance of this energy highlights the respect our government continues to have for the constitution because of the importance it maintains in this day and age. However the constitution, a historical document is open to interpretation that has become a broader spectrum than ever before. Another reason the presidency has gained momentum is due to the exclusive power to respond to “national emergencies” given by the constitution, such as a terrorist attack (Cairo, 228). Some presidents used this as their loop hole into the system, others simply denied
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