The Presidency Of William Bill Clinton

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The Presidency of William (Bill) Clinton began in 1993 and ended in 2001 after two terms. There is no doubt that he President Clinton was one of the most likeable of the President’s. His ‘loveable rogue” image would be needed to help him through scandals that would occur throughout his Presidency. Even before President Clinton would become president the first of his cheating scandals would hit the press in January of 1992 the tabloid magazine The Star would break the story of Gennifer Flowers and Bill Clinton’s affair. Ms. Flowers would claim an affair that lasted over 12 years but with little evidence of an affair it amounted to nothing more than water cooler talk. It would be 1997 before then President Clinton would admit that he did have intimate knowledge of Ms. Flowers but that it only occurred one time. This revelation would come during the course of another Clinton scandal, that of Paula Jones. Paula Jones a former Arkansas State Employee during President Clinton’s years as Governor of Arkansas filed sexual harassment charges against Clinton. Travelgate would be another scandal that would lead to several more that would be the focus of the Clinton years. During Clinton’s first year in off he would fire the White House travel office with the allegation of theft. The workers that were fired were not charged in any court as the court U.S. District Court would throw out the charges. The stress of dealing with this and other problems during the early portion of the
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