The Presidency of James Madison

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During his tenure he had to deal with the ramifications of his policies from when he was Secretary of State under Thomas Jefferson and The War of 1812. These two major points are what shaped most of his presidential terms. It was his second term that helped with the postwar expansion of America and the split in the Democratic Party system. It was also during his second term that he helped America gain it’s economic independence from Great Britain. After his terms of office were over he retired home to his plantation and joined an university council to help settle disputes about issues among the states such as the freed slaves.

James Madison ran for president in election 1808. In this election the Democratic Republican competed against Charles C. Pinkney from South Carolina and Rufus King from New York. Anti-Madison newspapers were printed out immediately, with the Federalist Party’s directing, criticizing Madison and his Belief in the Embargo Act which he helped to shape in 1807. However, by early December few had doubts on who would emerge as victorious in the election campaign. So when Madison won by a devastating landslide, 144 votes to Pinkney’s 44, few were surprised by the outcome.

Madison’s public favor had multiple high and low points throughout his career. Like other presidents who entered office in unfavorable times, Madison was criticized for everything he did the moment he entered office. From…

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