The Presidency of Mirabeau Lamar: An Examination

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1.An examination of the presidency of Mirabeau Lamar as indicated in this week's readings reveals that overall, his presence and effect was somewhat deleterious to the productivity of the Republic of Texas. It is also interesting to note the way that his effect on the country was diametrically opposed, in many ways, to that of his political rival, Samuel Houston, who managed to remain a political nuisance to the president by taking up a prominent role in Congress. Lamar's tendency to discourage thoughts of annexation with the United States certainly did not help Texas at the time. Even worse, his impassioned hatred of Native Americans had disastrously impecunious outcomes on the republic's financial affairs. What victories that Lamar gained against the various wars and battles he fought against a plethora of Native American tribes were somewhat pyrrhic, as during the process the Republic increased its debt nearly seven times, primarily due to military spending. In hindsight, there are facets of the Lamar's obstinacy that seem almost comical. Congress would not allow him to formally declare war against Mexico, so he sent a force of men to do battle there as part of a "trading expedition", which met with an untimely defeat, enabled more debt, and fuel Mexican confidence in martial affairs to come. With such a president at its helm, it is not surprising that the Republic's currency of red backs were consistently devalued and were finally disallowed to pay for taxes and

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