The President Of Queen Bee Boutiques Essay

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Management Shawn Buckwalter was voted as the president of Queen Bee boutiques. He has an Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice, and another in Business Management from Blackhawk Technical College in Janesville, WI. Shawn spent fifteen years in the United States Army Reserves (USAR) and ten years as entry level manager in the private security sector for John Deere in Janesville, WI. During his time there, he was security project manager during the last months of the construction phase. He wrote the standard operation procedure, participated in the business continuity plan, and implemented the fire safety procedures and training drills. In addition, he briefed John Deere Corporate Security Executives, his John Deere client, as well as numerous contractors throughout the years. He oversaw daily operations which included coaching and motivating, evaluations and disciplinary actions, and scheduling and payroll. Shawn also created the security polices for Bags of Hope at his facility in 2010; above all, he actively participated in the charity event that year and again in 2011. Christine Fenske is the Vice President of Marketing at Queen Bee Bags. She has an Associate’s degree in Business Management, along with a K-12 teaching credential for children with special needs. She has 15 years of customer service/marketing experience in the retail and financial fields. In addition, Christine has ten years of experience managing projects, creating individual educational plans, providing

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