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anet Dobbs, Vice President of the Greater Euclid Little Theatre (GELT), proposed a budget to the GELT board members, within the proposed budget, Janet Dobbs addressed four points, the first issue was regarding the unrealistic estimates for revenue and expenditures, in the second point, Dobbs should the contrasts of the expenditures and revenues over the past six years. Third, the debt crisis was addressed, and how the crisis would not be eliminated by balancing the 2002 budget. Lastly, the budget touched upon the expenditure to reduce debt and increase profit. The board rejected the budget for many reasons. The budget reduced expenditures, most of the board members wanted to increase Spaulding’s salary, which was not included in the budget, and some believe that revenue for GELT would increase if the theatre sold every ticket for performances. Board members like Roberta Mackie, said “by limiting revenue projections, the budget committee was “constraining our ability to dream” and that “high revenue estimates would give the organization incentive to work to make them come true”. Jacob Grimm, a board member argued that GELT is not in it to “count beans” but to enrich the lives of others throughout”. In my opinion, I believe that Janet Dobbs proposed budget was shut down because she lost sight of GELT’s mission, and it is to “provide professional quality theater at an affordable price for the families of the greater Euclid area”. Even though the budget did well to address the

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