The President Of The United States At West Point On Troop Increase

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The speech I am analyzing was given by Barrack Obama, the president of the United States at West Point on Troop increase in Afghanistan. The speech was delivered on first December 2008 in Eisenhower Hall in West Point Military Academy in New York. The speech was delivered to the corps of the United States, to the Americans and to the women and men of American armed forces. The speech by Barrack Obama was about Americans’ effort in Afghanistan that is the nature of Americans’ commitment in Afghanistan, the scope of the interests of the Americans and the strategy the American administration will apply to bring the war in Afghanistan to a successful conclusion. The audience represented people who are prepared to stand out for the security of the country and represent the best about America.
The speech addressed various issues with good sentence construction and good flow of ideas. First it was important to remember the reason as to why America and its partners were triggered to fight in Afghanistan from the beginning. He mentioned that America did not ask for the fight since it started in 2011 when 19 men hijacked four plains and used them to kill three thousand people. The men struck at America’s military and economic nerve points taking the lives of innocent women, men and children with no regard of their race, faith or station. And it was through the efforts of the passengers on one of the flights that the plane did not strike one of American’s symbols of democracy in…

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