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To the President of the United States I am writing to ask for your administration to support the development of initiatives and policies to stop the climate change. Four decades from now, we do not want to repeat the story in The Age of Stupid, movie in which a man lives in the devastated future world of 2055. The man looks back to today’s date and asks himself why we did not stop the climate change when we had the chance. However, today global warming is out of control, global temperatures are steadily rising. “The primary cause, a consensus of scientists has said, is the rising emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane” (Stone, 2013). The carbon dioxide (CO2) stays in the atmosphere for 50 to 100 years, nitrous oxide…show more content…
The CO2 causes 54.7 percent of the warming, CH4 causes 30 percent, other gases cause 9.8 percent, N2O cause 4.9 percent and fluorinated gases cause 0.6 percent. We produce CO2 while burning fossil fuels to produce electricity and heat building, burning gasoline to run vehicles and cutting down and burning trees. We produce CH4 when raising livestock. Cows and sheep produce methane while digesting food. Applying lots of fertilizers to the soil produce the N2O. We have to act now to control these human activities causing the increase of GHGs having an effect on global warming. Consequently, provoking a climate change and developing an awful weather prompting not only hurricanes, but also air pollution and droughts. Besides, an analysis published in scientific journals by climate scientists about anthropogenic global warming agrees, “97.1% endorsed the consensus position that humans are causing global warming” (Cook, 2013). In other words, scientists agree that global temperatures are affected by human activities. For instance, Nigeria, the largest oil producer in Africa, is an example of how the burning of the oil affects the climate, increasing the emission of CO2. Therefore, affecting the health and the living conditions of the people in Nigeria. The burning of the oil produces CO2, in this case man-made gas, to a point that pollutes the air and develops droughts in Nigeria. Even though Nigeria is rich in oil, the

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