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To: The President of the United States
From: Shelli Barr Mathis, Policy Advisor
Date: June 9, 2015
RE: Mandate recipients of government subsidy health care utilize ACA annual preventative care benefit before annual renewal

There is no denying The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (more commonly known as ACA) is the largest health care reform in America’s history. ACA has provided affordable health care to millions of uninsured Americans nationwide. The ACA health care plans on the exchange (Marketplace) have to meet certain criteria, including provide free preventative care. As our economic conditions changed this has forced health care cost to rapidly increase along with the growth of medical care needed for our
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Prevention screening test, immunizations, and identification test for those at risk. Healthcare providers will be able to prescribe medication, give medical advice and prepare a lifestyle program to prevent future medical attention. The mandatory annual physical program is to prevent major illness and unnecessary medical expense in the future. • Mandatory annual diagnostic lab screening test~ mandatory annual diagnostic lab screening test for the insurer will assist with early detection of diseases, and discovery and identification of specific problems 4. With annual diagnostic lab screening a provider will be able to see specific areas that are requiring attention. The lab screening results will be used by the healthcare provider to design a program to prevent unnecessary major medical expenses in the future by addressing the medical issues before they become foremost. The second part to lab screening test will be all individuals on government subsidy health care have to be “drug free” to receive government subsidy benefits and to renew benefits. All federal illegal drugs will be test.

• Mandatory health education and/or counseling ~ mandatory attendance to health education and/or counseling classes per the instruction of the healthcare provider. Educational

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