The President Of The United States Essay

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What seems like a lifetime ago I took a trip of a lifetime with my mother and two of my children to Washington D.C. to witness Barack Obama take the oath of President of the United States, and become the 44th President. Nearly 8 years have passed since my mother and I took 2 of my children, Austin and Tanner to the Inauguration of Barack Obama, our nation’s 1st black President. Consequently, I have been reflecting back on that experience as we near the final days of a highly contentious and low brow election cycle. Although 8 years ago I was full of hope for our country, for my family, for the melding of races as American’s had the opportunity to embrace the true meaning of the words The United States, conversely that is not how I feel today.

Celebrating holidays such as Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday and incorporating Black History Month activities has always provided opportunities to teach all of my children about the civil rights movement, how far our nation has come and how changes must continue to attain full equality. All in all, our nation has made progress towards positive race relations, but then wannabe thugs call my kids Niggers, and it is like taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Explaining to my children what Bloody Sunday was in preparation to view the movie, Selma, or trying to explain the murders of Trayvon Martin, and Michael Brown are poignant examples of why race still matters. While I feel like I 'm getting better at helping my kids

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