The President Of The United States

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M I D T E R M 1) The President of the United States is certainly one the most powerful people in the free world, but interestingly, the Constitution 's drafters did not expect this to be the case. Constitutional provisions limited the early presidency. James Madison, the "Father of the Constitution”, was worried that the "power balance" tilted toward the House of Representatives. Madison believed that its control in terms of taxes and spending and its ability to legislate laws that narrowed the powers of the executive and the judiciary made the legislative branch the real center of national power. Three presidents - George Washington, Andrew Jackson, and Abraham Lincoln, shaped the constitution into a more influential position by the early…show more content…
As the nation 's economy grew, the government needed to assume a larger regulatory role. As the world "narrowed", it enabled the United States to increase its international presence, and the federal government needed to expand its diplomatic presence. Many of the new demands placed on government could not be easily approved by Congress. In terms of foreign policy, for example, 535 people cannot negotiate treaties or efficiently respond to a national security crisis. 2) In the presidential history, the American people have witnessed 45 presidencies. Some of the presidents were considered as strong, weak, active or passive. A strong president is defined by a few characteristics: One who seek political power, not just to a make himself look powerful, but to accomplish specific goals and because of that they devote a significant share of time for building political support for their goals. Strong presidents hardly pay attention of losing their prestige, and more about building loyalty. Their presidency isn’t generated by the nature of the era they lived in or the kind of problem they are dealing with. Their agenda is the only thing they focused on, and it’s hard to divert from it. The obvious pick for a strong president will probably be Abraham Lincoln, who held the nation together through the civil war, and didn’t take decisions only because they were popular, but only if they were good for the American people. In my

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