The President Of The United States

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The Future of America The office of the President of the United States is widely seen as the most important and influential job in the free world. The honorable position is facing imminent doom considering the two frontrunners for the 2016 Presidential election are currently Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Controversy surrounds both candidates due to demagogic comments from Trump and an FBI investigation looming over Clinton. Political parties divide the the two nominees and set up for a fierce debate if they are chosen to represent America in the vital election of 2016. Donald J. Trump’s Presidential campaign began with much fanfare. Many saw the reality show stars announcement as a publicity stunt to gain popularity. Trump’s campaign is no longer ignorable as he inches his way to the White House. Trump’s decision to run surprised politicians because of his lack of experience in government. Trump made his mark as a successful businessman, generating billions of dollars in profits. The capitalist worked for his father 's real estate business and quickly developed and took over the company. One of Trump 's greatest strengths as a businessman was being able to identify opportunity in bleak circumstances. The real estate tycoon transformed the Commodore Hotel into the world renowned Grand Hyatt Hotel and even created his own apartment-retail complex known as Trump Tower. Donald Trump became a national celebrity icon after appearing on WrestleMania and starring in NBC reality

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