The President Of The United States

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Every four years, the people in America vote for the new President of the United States. The President’s job is to serve the country as the chief executive of the government and as the Commander in Chief of the Armed forces. One of the front runners of this election season is Republican candidate Donald Trump. He promises to make the changes necessary to make “America great again”. Trump cannot become the next President of the United States because he is grossly unqualified. His lack of experience in politics, his capitalizing on the public’s fears to gain support, his lack of education on the law, and his disrespect for minorities is highly negative traits that deem him unqualified for the office of President.
Donald Trump is known for a
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His disregard for the laws of the country and his lackadaisical attitude about his actions further prove that he is not fit to be the next President.
Another reason that Trump cannot be elected President is his capitalizing on the public’s fears to gain votes. The media informs people of the terrible situations that occur around the world. By focusing on controversial events, the media gain ratings. Trump uses these tactics to help focus his voter’s attention. In November of 2015, there was an attack in Paris where over one hundred people were killed. The attackers were Middle Eastern men linked to the terrorist group known as Isis. During a rally in Las Vegas, Trump ignited his followers’ anger over the attack. He told them that part of the reason the attacks occurred was the result of strict gun control laws (Campbell). Gun control laws that he believes are to blame for the attacks in not just Paris, but also the mass shootings that have occurred in America. Trump capitalizes on the public’s fear of these attacks to fuel the hatred of immigrants in his supporters and to push them to support his anti-immigration ideas.
In addition to capitalizing on the public’s fears, Trump does not have an education on the law. He believes that his background in business has prepared him and qualifies him to be the next President. In the business world when he disagrees with someone, he
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