The President Of The United States Essay

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“Preparing to Pass the Baton”
The president of the United States, Barack Obama, will be leaving the oval office after serving his presidency for two terms. In January there will be a new commander in chief in charge of leading our nation. Whether it is Trump, Clinton, or a surprise candidate that takes the role of president, there will be change. A lot will change with a new president, there will be new laws, new policies, and a new face of America. But one of the most important changes that everyone is and will be concerned about is the state of the economy. Whether our economy will rise, fall, or stay the same as it is now we will have to wait to find that out. Each candidate has different plans, policies, and ideas to help improve the United States. Some ideas similar to that of our current president but with their own personal twist on it and some completely opposite of his. Starting in January of 2017 our nation will have a new leader and he or she will impact the future of the American economy. Obama has served as president for the past eight years and his time has finally come to hang up his position as the leader of our nation, and be ready to welcome somebody new into the oval office. President Obama took office in the middle of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. We had our worst economic performance in 60 years, with GDP contracting 9.8%. Four million Americans lost their jobs before the president’s inauguration and another four million also

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