The President Of The Vice President

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The New Vice President. In the case study of the new vice president, Jennifer was appointed interim Vice President for a 3 year term at Mid-West University. After the interim, the President reluctantly appointed her the role of Vice President of the University. Jennifer has devoted her entire career to Mid-West University. She was initially hired as an Introductory History instructor. While teaching history, she earned her PH.D and became Assistant Professor due to her popularity and excellent teaching ability. Jennifer was involved in various activities on campus such as forming the first union, acquiring grants, writing skits for the faculty club’s annual follies and generally offering her support to anyone who needed her assistance. She became President of the Faculty Senate where she served two years before being offered the position of Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs where for the next ten years she handled most of the academic complaints, oversaw several committees and wrote letters and reports for the then Vice President. As the new Vice President of the University Jennifer encountered many issues. Jennifer failed her responsibilities as a leader, and most importantly as the new vice president elected. As leader you must be able to set clear visions, motivate, guide, and build others. Clearly Jennifer did not understand her role as the new vice president. She had problems delegating responsibility to the deans, in another word she failed to

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