The President Run Into When Initiating The Healthcare Reform And Why?

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Rehma Gul GOVT 2305 Prof. Mayia Shulga March 6, 2017 Response Paper 5 Question 1 What immediate problem did the president run into when initiating the healthcare reform and why? Answer The immediate problem was that was it possible for the White House to agree and act jointly with the President on the healthcare reform. The reason is because too many healthcare reforms had been failed and it was a very big step to take. Question 2 Obama’s administration believed that taking on a health care reform is a test of what in American politics? According to Obama, it was intended to prove what? Explain the stakes. Answer Obama’s Administration believed that it is a test of problem-solving for the country. It was intended to prove that countries…show more content…
(Hint: they wanted some feature added to the bill, what is that feature?) Answer The individual who supported the reform was named Karen Ignagni. The request was to have healthcare insurance for everyone in the United States. Question 7 Senator Baucus received $2.5 million from insurance interest groups to do what? Whose interests did he represent? Answer He received $2.5 million to let the interest groups talk to the congress leader about the reform. He represented Private insurance groups. Question 8 Who is denied a seat at the negotiation table about the healthcare? Who is removed physically by guards from the press conference in the White House? Answer Healthcare activist was denied a seat. They were also the ones removed physically by the guards. Question 9 When in Congress senator Baucus introduced “Medicare prescription drug bill”, it was a payoff to drug and pharmaceutical industries for what? Who did the bill benefit (financially)c? Answer It was for the insurance industry. The bill benefitted the Pharmaceutical industry. Question 10 Insurance lobbyists (Ignani being one big player) spend tens of millions of dollars to defeat the health bill through TV ads that created panic, scare, rumors, and etc. Why? What is at stake for insurance and pharmaceutical lobbyists if a meaningful healthcare reform took place? Answer They thought that there might

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