The President 's Formal Powers Essay

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The Texas Governor’s formal executive powers differ from those of the president in many ways. The United states President 's formal powers are many, provided to the office by the Constitution. Though some formal powers mandate the approval of congress, they vastly expand the power and justify the importance of the office. The president is that of Commander and Chief of the armed forces and is the final authority in military matters and inevitably is responsible for the entire military.
The president also has the power Veto laws passed by congress. The president has the power to make political appointment and negotiate treaties with foreign countries, however this power also requires the approval of the senate. The President is responsible for making a for appointing his cabinet and federal judges. The president is capable of calling congress in session and the power to adjourn congress.
The president has the power to grant pardons of federal crimes, and the responsibility to ensure that all passed laws are fulfilled. Of course, all United States Governors have fewer powers than the President. The Texas governor has less formal powers than most other governors. of other U. S. States. The texas governorship is considered a weak office. A Texas governor must also use the media, personal witt and charm to successfully govern their state.
Commendatory public opinion on important issues can persuade other high ranking officials to support the Governor. The Governor in our…
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