The President 's Presidential Election

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The 45th President These past few months, America has been in a great state of turmoil due to one of the most controversial presidential elections in history, the outcome of which has left the country divided with the question of whether the surprise presidential elect, Donald Trump, is actually fit to be president. He is one of the only people in this nation’s history that has managed to become the presidential elect without being a career politician or having any background experience in that area, and that alone deserves at least a little bit of recognition. For as long as anyone can remember this country has been ran by politicians who have time and time again disappointed the American people. The huge amount of distrust that has built up over the years is why the people began to demand a change and chose a man with no real experience. He is brash and outspoken, yet the formality is just one example of the many changes that are going to begin. While there has been a lot of debate over whether or not presidential elect Donald Trump is fit for office there are positive points to his election such as his views on imposing congressional term limits, bringing jobs back from overseas, as well as his stance on immigration and Obama Care. This election has proven that the American people are sick of career politicians and began to demand a change. Congress is one of the biggest examples. There are no term limits stating how many times a senator can be reelected even though there
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