The Presidential And Prime Ministerial Forms Of Government Essay

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The world with its 196 countries, is versatile most means including politics and government. It ranges from a true democracy to a fairly authoritarian regime. This paper will look at the most debated upon in the democratic world, the presidential and prime ministerial forms of government. Most of the major countries in the world, to today don’t agree upon which of these is more democratic, since both have their merits and demerits, while for the most part they seem to work in countries where the public, judiciary, law makers and politicians are keen on their nation following a democratic form in the truest form available to them. Some countries tend to use the advantages of both the systems to their benefit, and form a semi-presidential system of government or a system with features of both the Presidential and the Prime Ministerial forms of government. Some nations have also voted and changed the forms of government over the course, because one might have not worked given their political environment. This might differ in countries like Russia where the leaders had the power to use a loophole in between these systems and remained in power in an undemocratic means. In order to be concise and clear, this article will use Britain (Parliamentary system) and the United States (Presidential system), two countries that are agreed to be democratic in nature, by most political scholars if not all. Both the systems have their pros and cons, and seem to work for the said countries,
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