The Presidential Campaign And Obama 's Administration

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A key issue during the 2008 presidential campaign and Obama’s administration was interest groups and lobbyists. Obama had to deal with interest groups all throughout his presidency, whether it was dealing with Congress or his interaction with committees. Over time interest groups have taken on a larger and more important role in government. The interaction between interest groups and Obama played an influential role in shaping his presidency. Special interest groups are a group of people, usually formally organized that share a common concern and wish to influence public policy in some way. The goal of all interest groups is to affect government policy for themselves or to further their causes. A goal they have could be an exclusive policy that benefits group members or one segment of society or a policy that affects a larger group such as the public as a whole. An example of an exclusive policy is government subsidies for farmers and an example of a larger effecting policy is improving air quality. The main method special interest groups use to accomplish their goals is lobbying, which is trying to influence decisions made by legislators or other government officials. Whether a government is democratic, authoritarian, or totalitarian, interests are a dominant and permanent aspect of the political world. Furthermore, interest groups not only play a role on the national stage, they exist at all levels of government: national, state, provincial, and local. Interest
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