The Presidential Candidate Of Education Reform

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I for one believe Hillary Rodham Clinton is the best presidential candidate of education reform in the 2016 election. Mrs. Clinton has an impeccable record on this issue and consistently fought for the rights of all American’s access to quality education. Her crusade as a public servant for quality education began thirty-three years ago in 1983.The Arkansas school system ranked 50th in the nation. Mrs. Clinton was appointed by Governor Bill Clinton to chair the Educational Standards Committee, to recommend reforms. It is not an exaggeration to say the state’s educational system remains broken. TIME Magazine dubbed Arkansas the long time “Dogpatch of the nation’s school system” However, this crisis in education extended from coast to coast. In pushing for higher standards, Mrs. Clinton stated, “Our schools are not doing as good as they must. While there may be many causes for our dilemma, there is only one solution. We Arkansans have to quit making excuses and accept instead the challenge of excellence once and for all.” (ED Reform,2016) The newly established committee solicited advice from the public, in all of Arkansas 75 counties. Following this extensive research, Mrs. Clinton came up with a comprehensive set of regulations aimed at overhauling the state 's failing education system. The Education Standards committee’s recommendations included: Upgrading curriculum standards and course requirements. Increasing teacher salaries and possible merit pay. Establishing a
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