The Presidential Election : Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Essay

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In this essay, I will compare and contrast the recent top two candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as it relates to the presidential election, along with my opinion and views regarding what recently took place as of November 8th, 2016. It’s no secret that this election has been the craziest thus far. Not only for the first time has a female candidate made it this far in an election, but we also got to witness the shenanigans that took place leading up to the election, majority of which came from our very own, Donald Trump. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are two Caucasian Americans in their advanced years that come from wealthy backgrounds, and have a history of dishonorable achievements. These two individuals, on many occasions have shown their true colors and made comments that were down right rude, racist, and discriminating. In the media, we usually hear more crazy remarks coming from Trump than we do Hillary, but these two have more in common than we think. Accusing Donald Trump of being a racist himself, Hillary has made comments that would make you second guess her innocence. Hillary has referred to young black men as “super-predators”, called a campaign manager a “f*cking Jew bastard”, and called people in this country “illegal aliens” (Anderson 2016). Those are just a few of the wild things Mrs. Clinton has been accounted for saying. Now Donald Trump on the other hand isn’t afraid to make an ass of himself. He constantly puts inappropriate things on
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