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In the 2000 United States Presidential election, the close pre-election polls showed the election could be won by either the Republican or the Democrat Party. Both Parties had two strong candidates, with a handful of other third party candidates, including Green Party and Reform Party representatives. As I watched the results of the 2000 presidential election, I felt bad for Vice President Albert Gore, Jr. The Presidency seemed to be well within Governor George W. Bush’s grasp. The television news networks were showing a big lead for Bush across the country. I turned the television off in my office, and I advised my Soldiers to get back to work. My Soldiers and I were stationed overseas in the Republic of Korea. We were thirteen hours ahead of the Eastern Time zone in the United States. We worked for the Commanding General for all United States Troops in Korea. The General often spoke about the election, but never let on which candidate got his vote. When I turned on the news at home that same evening, I was shocked to learn the presidency had not been decided. It seemed Gore rebounded across the country; however the total vote count in some states is too close to call. The 2000 Presidential election was important to me because the last time a Bush was in office, I found myself overseas as a part of a Multinational Coalition as the United States had declared war on the country of Iraq. In the year 2000, the peninsula of Korea had been in a delicate state with…
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