The Presidential Election For The Presidency Of The United States

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Watching the 2016 Republican candidates battle for the presidency of the United States, one might reach the conclusion that Ronald Reagan never left the campaign trail. In the second GOP debate alone, the “Great Communicator’s” name was brought up a total of 23 times, which even exceeds the number of times Donald Trump mentioned China. One of the comments coming from Jeb Bush was “I’m on the Reagan side of this.” Additionally, Senator Marco Rubio stated that “Reagan and his approach worked (CITE).” The candidates worked hard to evoke memories of and make comparisons to the beloved former president. The debate even took place in the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. Reagan has been constantly praised by those on the…show more content…
For more than 30 years before Reagan took office, the United States and its allies had tried unsuccessfully to rein in communism. Reagan believed that communism in the Soviet Union was eroding and ready to crumble, expecting its collapse if competitively challenged by America. An arms race had been ongoing between the U.S. and Russia for some time. Reagan, however, was determined to put an end to it. Reagan began the competition with a very costly project known as the Strategic Defense Initiative, aimed at neutralizing incoming Soviet missiles. This shocked the Soviet Union, which was economically unable to match this rapid escalation of the arms race (CITE).
After winning his second term as president, Ronald Reagan established what is now known as “The Reagan Doctrine,” which provided support, both financially and militarily, for anti-communist fighters throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America (CITE). The policy’s goal was to eliminate tyrannical governments and promote individual liberties, freedom, and democracy. The Reagan doctrine became the centerpiece of the Reagan administration by successfully stopping the Soviet Union from spreading its communist control over specific regions of the world.
In 1985, a new leader by the name of Mikhail Gorbachev came to the political forefront of the Soviet Union. Reagan saw this as his final opportunity to completely destroy the threat of communism once and for all. Reagan and Gorbachev met
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