The Presidential Election Is Drawing Closer And Immigration Reform

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Page 1 The presidential election is drawing closer and immigration reform continues to be a key issue. There are proposals to build a massive wall, deport all illegal aliens, and instill a new kind of grandfather clause. Even though the United States is revered as a “nation of immigrants” it continues to hold nativist sentiments against newcomers. Before we make a decision, it is necessary to revisit our own immigrant roots. My mother’s journey began in her hometown, Mexicali. She had heard that there were reliable coyotes who could get you to the US through “La Tierre de Nadie” (No Man’s Land). My mother spent the first few months of her pregnancy working any jobs she could find. Even as her belly grew larger and her feet got more bloated, she spent every hour of her day working. Her whole existence was devoted to escaping poverty. My mother was terrified that her due date would arrive before she was able to reach the States. She walked alongside the wall everyday on her way home, dreaming of the life she would make for her daughter. Finally, my mother had saved enough money to pay the coyote and traveled to Tijuana to find one to hire. The group of immigrants she joined came from all corners of Mexico. My mother didn’t spend any time learning names or stories, she understood that this would make it harder to leave them if they fell behind. Finally, the night of the crossing arrived. The immigrants told stories about people they knew who tried to take the same journey
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