The Presidential Election Of 1824

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During the election of 1824, there were five candidates for the president. The election of 1824 was the fall of the Federalist Party that never would rise to power again. All the candidates were Democratic-Republican, but that didn’t seem to weigh heavily on the outcome of the election of 1824. The two front runners were John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson that would be decided by the House of Representatives because of the Twelve Amendment to the Constitution states the House will decide by majority vote between the two candidates when there is no majority of the electoral votes. As a result of the first ballot in the House of Representatives in voting for a president, John Quincy Adams emerged victorious at the election of 1824. John Quincy Adams may have been the greatest U.S. secretary of state, but he was not one of the greatest presidents. He was really a minority president, chosen by the House of Representatives in preference to Andrew Jackson and William H. Crawford following the inconclusive one-party ELECTION of 1824. In the popular contest Jackson had received the greatest number of votes both at the polls and in the state ELECTORAL COLLEGES, but lacked a constitutional majority. Henry Clay, one of the four candidates in 1824, threw his support to Adams in the House in February 1825, after secret conferences between the two, thus electing Adams on the first ballot. The supporters of Jackson and Crawford immediately cried "corrupt bargain": Clay had put Adams…
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