The Presidential Election Of 1968 Essay

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America has always been a proud nation full of nationalism as well. The people, looked up to their government and their presidents for what to do during the dark days of depression, war, economic shutdown, and communism. The people knew who their enemies were or at least had a description. America never truly had a reason to doubt their leaders, those were the people who lead the nation to victory. Then there was a blow, a crisis that flipped everyone’s views and values upside down. There was an enemy that needed to be defeated, needed to , for this moment was that the so called enemy was the president himself, Richard Nixon. He was first seen in the presidential seen was in the 1960 elections against John F. Kennedy, which he lost. Though he was not discourage and ran again during the presidential election of 1968. After already losing one election, Nixon was worried about the results, but this time, luck and the electoral college was on his side this time and won with pretty eye opening results. It wasn’t until his re-election where Nixon was really worried, he didn’t know what to think about the results, but the only thing he was sure was that he was going to lose and without doing anything, he was going to watch how bad he was going to lose the presidency again. He already lost once and he wasn’t going to lose another time, especially to George McGovern. Well, he won. Nixon won in a victorious landslide victory, the biggest victory in American history.[1] In response
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