The Presidential Election Of 1980 Essay

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On Tuesday, 4 November 1980, The United States presidential election of 1980 was held. The competition was between incumbent Democratic President Jimmy Carter and his opponent, former Californian Republican Governor, Ronald Reagan. Reagan, assisted by a falling economy complicated by inflation and high unemployment, and the Iran hostage crisis, Reagan would win the election in a sweep, receiving the largest number of electoral votes ever tallied by a presidential candidate not currently in office. Jimmy Carter, who beat out Edward M. Kennedy for the nomination for Democratic leader, attacked Reagan as a wild right-wing fundamentalist. The former actor, Ronald Reagan pledged to elevate the cynical mood of the nation, and won a conclusive victory. This election marked the creation of what was called the "Reagan Revolution,” and indicated a conservative repositioning in national government.
Throughout the 1970s, the United States underwent a wrenching period of low economic growth, high inflation and interest rates, and intermittent energy crises. In the spring and summer of 1979, inflation was on the rise and various parts of the United States were experiencing energy shortages, Carter was widely blamed and planned on delivering a major speech about energy conservation, but he thought the American public did not care for what he had to say. In the mist of all this, Carter went on the presidential retreat for the bilateral treaty on Camp David. "For more than a week, a
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