The Presidential Election Of 2016

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With the upcoming presidential election of 2016, everyone in the world is trying to establish who they want to be the one to lead our country. The amount of presidential candidates there is too choose from has given many people the opportunity to find a candidate that if elected will handle all their wants and needs. As the United States progresses and makes many new changes, such as the legalization of gay marriage and the slow legalization of marijuana in some states, Americans need someone they can trust. Americans need a president whose views on big ticket issues will allow the country to continue to make these big changes and help the United States become stronger than ever before. In a time when the population of America is becoming…show more content…
Sanders plans to implement a new policy that will make it so more officers are training is changed and that makes it so there is a way to hold police officers more accountable. Due to the amount of African Americans in jail, “Thirteen percent of African-American men have lost the right to vote due to felony convictions” (sanders). The voting rights act has also made it very hard for African Americans who struggle with money or time management, which is very sad for the average American to think about. Sanders wants to create a system in which everyone gets an equal chance to vote and possibly make Election Day a national holiday so that there is little to no conflicts in voting time. Which leads to the issue of equal pay amongst the average person of color. As of today African American women get paid 64 cents to every one dollar a white male makes. America has also had a very long standing issue with workplace discrimination, in which a black man not get the job he desires because of the color of his skin. Which is another reason why African Americans have one of the highest unemployment rates. Sanders recognizes this fact and works towards equal pay and access to opportunities that have been stripped away from African Americans.
As a strong liberal, Bernie Sanders publicly supports gay marriage and pro-choice abortion, making his opinions on these topics one of non-judgement. In September of 2015 Sanders
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