The Presidential Election Of 2016 Essay

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The presidential election of 2016 shocked people across America after Donald Trump won the election. Many people questioned how such a candidate could run for office, much less hold one of the most powerful positions on Earth. In attempting to uncover how Trump could be victorious in an electoral race against Hillary Clinton, this paper will analyze four key factors in a general election: the fundamentals, campaigns, the media, and the voters. Each factor provides insight on how Trump was able to be successful in his pursuit of the presidency, but they do not begin to tell the complete tale. Political science research stresses the importance of the fundamentals in an election, if candidates can successfully take advantage of them. The fundamentals refer to a group of three factors that serve as background to the campaign and are variables that the candidate themselves cannot change. According to Gary Jacobson and many other political scientists, the fundamentals of any campaign are the incumbency of any candidate or party, the current state of the economy, and the popularity of the president. The presence of an open seat during a presidential race strongly affects the election. Races with an open presidential seat are much more competitive, as incumbent candidates possess a very strong advantage. In the past eight elections featuring an incumbent candidate, seven have been won by the incumbent (Campbell 2016). Further, it is even more difficult for a party to extend its
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