The Presidential Election Of 2016

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The Presidential Election of 2016 is not until November, but both parties are beginning to narrow their fields down and begin their preparation for an election that is expected to be highly contested. With previous election seasons, the current primary season has already seen some notable in-fighting within the two major political parties, with potential candidates attacking each other in an attempt to get their party nominated. What is very interesting is how fluctuating the support for a candidate can be during the primary season. For example, Republican Donald Trump once had a formable lead over the next contender Hillary Clinton. In the democratic field, the top three candidates were Hillary Clinton , Bernie Sanders, and Martin O Malley. [1] From Washington to Washington D.C the idea that Donald Trump could become president has alternately set off fits of laughter and terror. Out of all of the republican candidates Donald Trump is easily most polarizing. People either really love or really hate the businessman, who isn 't afraid to speak his mind.[2] Trump has no experience in politics, but does have the experience as a businessman. Trump’s stance on the issues taking place is difficult to determine, not because he hasn’t made an issue statement but because he has made to many issue statements and has, in fact, been a member of both political parties in previous years. The establishment argument goes something like this: first, Trump will implode, owing to some
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