The Presidential Election Of 2016

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Introduction During the US presidential election of 2016, the world has witnessed an abundance of unprecedented phenomena. From the nomination of the first woman candidate from a major political party to the nomination of first billionaire reality TV star, the election cycle has produced moments that would have been unimaginable a year or two ago. While the media is gleeful to cover the horserace aspect of the election, the question that political scientists are interested is what factors motivates American voters to prefer one candidate over another. Political pundits from both sides have cited identity politics, the personal characters of the candidates and the national and personal economic conditions to support or oppose Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. The personal qualities of Trump and Clinton made them most unpopular presidential nominees of the modern era. Both candidates have alienated different groups of voters while attracting others. Both of them have proposed two distinct paths for America 's future with different fiscal, domestic and international policies. When making their decision, the voters are evaluating all of these factors to choose the best match candidate for them. Like any other political phenomenon, voting intentions in this election have multiple agents, but I will argue that while group identities, the economics and the qualities of the candidates all influences voters’ intentions, the economic interest of a person has the best correlation with
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