The Presidential Election Of 2016

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Since 1789, citizens have consistently participated in presidential elections to determine who can skillfully lead, effectively protect, and adequately represent the United States of America. As the upcoming election of 2016 gradually makes an appearance, the people have to question who can sufficiently accomplish these objectives. The candidates’ Ideas, views, and opinions flood every political form of media to give the voters a fair opportunity in selecting the best choice according to their personal views. Before making a permanent decision, one must inspect and investigate the different candidates, including Trump, Carson, Christie, and Bush, in heavy issues such as education, immigration, and tax reform to decide who is the best…show more content…
Another benefit Trump believes citizens deserve is their full paycheck. Although taxes are necessary, he believes insuring Americans they receive what they earned will increase and strengthen work ethic. For this reason, he has formulated a system he calls the 1-5-10-15 income tax plan. His goal and purpose is to create clarity and fairness for all, cutting down the complication and disarray of the tax code. Another issue Trump has talked about is education. He believes common core is a disaster and should be immediately abolished. He believes education should be local, and chiseled for the youth of specific areas. Donald Trump’s ideas may come off as blunt and insincere, but he has established his success and many stand behind his judgment. Pediatric neurosurgeon, Ben Carson, is another well-supported presidential candidate of the 2016 election. Unlike Trump, he is more subtle concerning his views and opinions, stating them with previous thought and consideration. "The American people should not be manipulated into believing that they are heartless simply because they want to preserve the rule of law in our nation and look after their own before they take in others," he wrote, "We also have to consider the millions of people who have immigrated here legally as well as those who are in the queue. It is incredibly unfair to them to
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