The Pressure Of The Canadian Nation

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The pressure placed upon multicultural often leads to questioning of its value and usefulness in building the Canadian nation. there have been far too many questionable call of ethics on behalf of the government in regardless to who has taken, or not been able to take up for role in the country. Historically we see this negative connotation follow distinct groups of people. Notably: Aboriginal with residential schools (thought interesting because they are now seen as founding peoples, yet the last residential school was only closed in the early 90s), the Chinese head tax, Japanese intermittent camps, the turning away of Jewish individuals during WWII. It becomes difficult to see how some of those “marginalized or minority” groups in Canada are able to find themselves, even today, in an inclusive, equal and democratic society when multiculturalism in public discourse often hold onto old or stereotypical understandings. It continues to act as an ongoing point of contention because of the lack of historical knowledge Canadians have, as well as the increasing lack of engagement day-to-day contemporary politics and national happenings. It acts as an ignorance, that ultimately has consequences on the nations moral as well as its multicultural policies. In order to progress as a society and nation, it becomes increasingly difficult to build the foundation on old understandings and not re-contextualize group and national identities in a 21st century context (Leung 1-2). Leung notes
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