The Pressure To Be Perfect Essay

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The Pressure to be Perfect In today's competitive society, a person strives for perfection, due to the fact that so much emphasis is placed on one's outer appearance. No matter who we are or where we live, society puts this pressure upon us. We are typically faced with this pressure by models on television and in magazines. Companies seem to have targeted women more so than men. They usually use women with good looks and nice figures to advertise and market their product. When companies use these women in advertisements, it is setting a standard that other women feel that they need to follow. What has happened to internal beauty? Society puts so much importance on external beauty that people have forgotten about an individual having…show more content…
Can technology be causing more harm than good? One of the most disheartening facts is that there are people and companies that are benefiting from those who continue to struggle with weight loss. Magazine publishers boost sales by promoting articles on how do lose weight. Book publishers and self-improvement Gurus profit from the diet books and weight loss programs that they sell. Where as, manufactures capitalize from the selling of home-based exercise equipment. Weight loss franchises and the purchasing of diet products such as liquid diets and pre-packaged frozen meals are the main contributors to the ones who benefit from the weight loss struggle. These are just some of the beneficiaries of over 50 billion dollars spent every year on weight loss products that promise results. The images that I chose to represent my topic of "The Pressure to be Perfect" are ones that show just how perfect society wants us to become. They are all of women because that is the focal point of society. On a whole, most women will never be able to look the way that these models do. The models have devoted themselves to looking flawless in order for their careers to survive. They have the time to make their body into the perfect form that it is in. However, tell me what woman in today's society has time to devote to just to her body. Women live in a fast paced, rat race of a life and seldomly have time to give to just their bodies. Advertisers kind of send out a
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