The Pressure of Eating Disorders

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The Pressure of Eating Disorders With all of the pressures of daily life, some look to eating disorders to help ease the pain. In recent statistics on the webpage for the South Carolina Department of Mental Health states, “It is estimated that 8 million Americans have an eating disorder- seven million women and one million men.” Among the millions are actors Paula Abdul, Elton John, and Joan Rivers to name a few. (Eating Disorder Statistic 2006).With the disorders becoming a growing problem, physicians look at each case to see how the disorder affects the person individually. Previous victim Amy describes her experience: “Anorexia is like you’re running down a hill and all this wind is going through you hair and it’s exciting. But all…show more content…
(Kontic et al. 673) Towards the end of my journey with anorexia, I can remember random strangers staring as I walked through town with my bones visible on my arms, legs, and in my facial structure. When I finally saw what others saw in me, it brought me to my breaking point. As I looked into the mirror and saw nothing but skin and bones I realized I had a problem. The physical damages from the disorder cause physical weakness to the body: “weakness associated with the illness also seriously affects their social interaction with friends and their involvement in life in general (Kontic et al. 673). I went from playing three sports to having to give it all up while I recovered. Recovery was one of the most difficult parts for me through the whole process. I was always active in school; I tried to be in every club high school had to offer. Restriction from my everyday practices caused emotional stress. I can remember, on several occasions, my friends not knowing how to help or what to do for me. When they would try to help, I would always feel like the outcast, especially when we went shopping or out to eat. When it was time to go shopping, I would go with my friends to the mall. As they tried on clothes, I would have to wait to go with my mom because I could only fit in the kids’ sizes. Going out to eat was extremely awkward for me. I would trick my body into eating so I
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