The Pressures Faced by College Students

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In college campuses across the USA, college students are facing an abundance of pressure. They juggle family stress to, college stress, to peer stress, students are constantly pulled into a never ending cycle of stress. Constantly pursuing their education to do whatever is necessary for them to graduate from college. Today’s generation of teenagers/young adults, and older generation of people, face alike challenges that are dramatically different from the before. Today we have an abundance of sophisticated technology equipment, collaborative strategies (skype/blackboard) and the internet, just to name a couple. For example, we have application tablets like IPads, e-readers, Kindle-fires and PDF books. Students/consumers find themselves constantly worrying about trying to keep up with new technology’s that is mass produced for sale. There is the inconvenious and anxiety of not having the funds or being able to afford new/upgrade these devices. Additionally, many students are faced with the aggravation/worry if their devices are stolen or worse if a hacker breaks into their system and the repair costs. For students, the anxiety of all these things/situations comes from a swarm of different directions. There is constant pressure to pass all classes they have enrolled in and to not drop any, participate in clubs, excel in extracurricular activities , pass an important exam or showcase a presentation that took weeks to put together. With all of these intensifying demands,
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