The Pressures on Healthcare Organizations

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Background - Healthcare organizations now face increasing pressure to improve their operations, provide evidence of their continued quality, and the efficiency of the organization. For the modern organization, this means that managers who have traditionally focused on the quality of care now must now change paradigms in mid-stream and review the overall management practice for the sake of effectiveness, patient safety, and even cutting edge techniques (Kujala & Lillrank, 2006). In fact, this is so critical that reports from the Institute of Medicine suggest that almost 60 per cent of medical errors related to hospital deaths in the United States could have been prevented with a proper safety protocol and change of procedure (Institute of Medicine, 2000). Situation Universal Human Care Hospital has 5,000 employees and a 20,000 patient capacity hospital. Dr. DoRight has been hired President of the organization and given a broad set of duties to oversee all medical services, business development, human resources, legal, patient advocacy, and operations. DoRight has managers in each department that work directly with him to address the needs of the organization, and a number of internal and external stakeholders. During his initial investigation of the hospital, DoRight discovered that there have been patient deaths as a result of a number of illegal procedures by doctors and nurses, and negligent supervision and oversight to prevent these medical errors. DoRight told his
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