The Presupposition Of Preparing For A Career

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The presupposition of Preparing for a Career by Bok indicates that vocational majors and liberal arts major could merge to help students become successful in college. Bok states that vocational majors prepare students for the future career, but students needs liberal arts in order to learn to think critically and read what one’s learning. The three archetypes that exemplify what college should do to help students develop intellectual breadth are to combine the vocational and the liberal arts together, create more opportunities for students to build connections, students are required to learn liberal art in order to learn how to think critically and wisely and lastly instructors should give student feedback and what other employee do to solve a problem in that field. Many students go to college to make more money after one graduates. In Preparing for a Career, Bok said “The practical question then is not whether many students are unwisely choosing vocational majors, but whether both liberal arts and vocational programs could do a better job of reconciling the career needs of students with the other goals of a rounded undergraduate education. (Bok, 341)” Bok states that most students study in vocational majors because it is more beneficial for them than a liberal arts college, but without liberal arts, students wouldn 't be able to start a career. Bok argued that it doesn’t matter whether the student chose vocational and liberal arts major because the college is supposed

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