The Pretenders Chuck Klosterman Summary

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In “The Pretenders” by Chuck Klosterman and “The Comeback Of Axl Rose” by John Sullivan, you can see where the pieces are similar and where they differ. The tones throughout them are almost the same, they both talk about their subjects with humor and rarely stray away from it. Neither of them were afraid to make fun of Axl Rose and his tribute band, and they make that well-known in their writing. However, their pieces differ from each other because Klosterman and Sullivan have completely different writing styles. While reading Klosterman’s piece I noticed he had a very simple way of writing, he uses words that are easy to understand and to the point sentences. That was refreshing after reading Sullivan’s complex style; I get lost while reading his writing sometimes, especially if I have to pull out a dictionary.
In “The Pretenders” we see that Klosterman uses a humorous tone on every page. He starts off by telling us about Trask dying his hair pink and the band getting banned for life from the Econo Lodge. He is making fun of the tribute band and their obsession with being exactly like Guns N’ Roses. His tone remains humorous as he tells us how ridiculous it is for them to fire the most talented person in their band because he doesn’t resemble Slash enough. Klosterman really wants us to know how crazy and somewhat stupid these guys are. He also tells us about how they lost their tour bus one summer; you can almost sense that he is thinking: Are these guys really this stupid?
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