The Prevalence Of Diabetes Mellitus

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Data mining is the process of selecting, exploring and modelling large amount of data to discover unknown patterns or relationship useful to Data analyst. Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a chronic, metabolic disease characterized by elevated levels of blood glucose which leads serious damage to the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys, and nerves. There are three types of diabetes. They are Type-I(T1DM), Type- 2(T2DM), Gestational diabetes. Type 2 diabetes represents 90 percent of diabetes cases in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is ranked as the 7th country world widely estimated to have the highest numbers of people with diabetes in 2000 and 2030. International Diabetes Federations says that there were 3.4 million cases of diabetes in
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Notwithstanding the common understanding that data mining applies to data analysis problems with vast amounts of data and is solved by resorting to effective combination of analytical methods, the term data mining is still unspecific, largely due to its process-based nature. For this reason a large variety of methods are considered part of data mining, including computer science approaches, such as multidimensional databases, machine learning, soft computing and data visualization, and statistical-based methods, including hypothesis testing, clustering, classification, and regression. Data mining technologies have proven to be useful and effective in different areas, including marketing, customer relationship management, engineering, and biomedical research [20, 21]. This research uses the applications of data mining technique on the collected data, particularly the analysis of diabetes mellitus (DM) data. Health is wealth a saying in Tamil proverb. Jazan lies on the south west corner of Saudi Arabia. The region has a lot of potential to become a hot spot for beach and marine tourism, as well as wellness resorts (SPA) surrounded by nature and mountainous terrain. Due to modernization, urbanization and the improvement in technology there is a drastic change in life style. The change in life style leads to many health problems in humans. Prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus is keeps on
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