The Prevalence Of Eating Disorders Among Elite Female Athletes

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You might think that elite female athletes, who need to be in near-perfect shape to compete, would be the last people to develop an eating disorder. Good afternoon Principal Mr Grimes, special guests, staff and students. My name is Marine Madsen and I am here today to present my Research Project: The Prevalence of Eating Disorders Amongst Elite Female Athletes. (CHANGE SLIDE) Today I will be addressing two questions. Firstly, what is the prevalence of eating disorders amongst elite female athletes and is this group more prone to the development of the condition compared to their non-athletic female counterparts? (CHANGE SLIDE) The secondary question I will be exploring is: Do elite female athletes and females suffering who suffer eating disorders, share similar personality characteristics and if so, could this explain the prevalence of the condition amongst elite female athletes? (CHANGE SLIDE) Why did I choose this topic? I knew from the beginning that I wanted a topic surrounding the field of psychology. I chose eating disorders as I have always been curious about mental illnesses and the predisposing factors of these conditions. Instead of just focusing on purely eating disorders, I wanted to add another element that was relevant to my life, and thus, as I enjoy sports, I thought to incorporate elite female athletes. (CHANGE SLIDE) What are eating disorders? Eating disorders are defined by abnormal obsessive thoughts regarding food and weight, feelings

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