The Prevalence Of Hepatitis C

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It has been observed that drug users are at great threat for HCV infections. HCV (Hepatitis C Virus) is more easily spread than HIV (Human Immunodefiency Virus), because its prevalence is greater than HIV. According to Macias (2008), it has been observed that non-injection drug users have higher rates of hepatitis C infection in comparison to overall population. They attributed this to following reasons; sexual behaviors, tattoo or piercing materials, nail or hair clippers, and razors. Some studies have established that non-injector drug users do not inject due to fear of overdose, family problem, decline in income and health issues such as collapsed veins, scars from abscesses, fear of needles and overdosing (Sotheran et al., 1999).
Numerous studies have been conducted on the prevalence of hepatitis B and C in injecting drug users; however their prevalence in non-injector drug users has not been studies in great detail. Some studies have been done to understand the social and environmental factors, which are part of cause for choosing risky behavior by drug users (non-injectors). Over the time researchers are finding that some health concerns and risks are interconnected with non-injector drug users. High number of individuals from this group are suffering from HCV and HIV. Gyarmathy (2002), conducted research in New York City and found that different types of infections are present in this group of drug users. Their results suggest that these infections…

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