The Prevalence Of Hiv Among Women

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C.2. Study Population/Design {this paragraph need to be reduced by 3 lines} This study is a prospective, special exposure cohort study. The study population will include HIV seropositive pregnant women, postpartum women within 6 weeks after delivery (due to the fact that most HIV-infected pregnant women do not usually come back for postpartum visits after delivery), and infants of seropositive pregnant women till 6 months old in Gambia. The study will be conducted in three years. The prevalence of HIV among women in Gambia is higher (7.6 per 1000) than other West African countries (3.1 per 1000). Our eligibility criteria include reproductive ages of women from 15-45 years old, HIV seropositive pregnant women, and participants from the three regions of Brikama, Janjanbureh, and Basse In Gambia (unicef, 2013). We intend recruiting 224~250 participants, based on the sample size calculation below (to accommodate potential losses to follow ups), nationwide in urban hospital clinics from the largest antenatal centers in Gambia (Please send me the correct link [2]). An informed consent will be obtained and signed by participants. Afterwards, a detailed questionnaire about their demographic variables, physical examination findings, HIV staging, and mode of delivery, breastfeeding and laboratory tests will be performed (Lambert et al., 1997). The specimen will be collected and stored, and the women will be seen on subsequent antenatal or postnatal visits for follow up. The selection
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