The Prevalence Of Homelessness And Homelessness

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The Prevalence of Homelessness

In this textual analysis, I’m going to discuss the prevalence of homelessness in the United States. I’ll be using three songs from popular culture that focus on homelessness. Different artists perform these three songs: Avril Lavigne, Bob Dylan, and Nirvana. I’m going to address the values that people who are homeless may have, according to what each artist conveys through their song lyrics. Throughout the lyrics in each song, it seems like the artists are attempting to communicate to the public that homelessness is a serious issue that nobody is immune to. The values that I have gathered are bravery, hope, and perseverance.
I have chosen this topic because over half a million people are homeless, the government has limited resources to help those who are homeless, and some cities are making homelessness illegal. This topic is important to me because nobody is immune to homelessness, which is terrifying and unfortunate. This topic should be important to others because homelessness is a serious problem and it seems like we tend to treat people who are homeless like they 're not human beings.
Some people think that if a person who 's homeless wants to truly change their situation, they would simply get a job. There’s clothing assistance available for people who are homeless; having access to a resource like this can help people who are homeless by providing them with appropriate clothing for job interviews. Approximately 44% of people who are
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