The Prevalence Of Pressure Ulcers

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The prevalence of pressure ulcers in elderly patients is of an epidemic proportion (Bansal, Scott, Stewart, & Cockerell, 2005). The annual cost of treating pressure ulcers in the United States (U.S.) is estimated at more than $20 billion and is increasing (Jones, 2013). Pressure ulcers occur when an injury is caused to the skin and underlying tissue at the pressure points resulting in transient or permanent damage to the underlying tissue (Margolis, 1995). The prevalence is seen in patients who are immobile because of chronic health conditions or lying on hard surfaces for prolonged periods (Pham et al., 2011). A pressure ulcer can be disruptive and disabling to frail elderly patients (Landi, Onder, Russo & Bernabei, 2007). A pressure ulcer can also result in complications, which can lead to mortality (Nigel & Chow, 2002; Gary, Berlowitz & Paul, 2001). Development of pressure ulcers is no longer limited to acute or sub-acute facilities alone. As the population is aging, more elderly are receiving heath care in their homes (Ablaza & Fisher, 1998). As a result, all stages of pressure ulcers are also seen in the homes (Park-Lee & Caffrey, 2009). However, there are limited studies that show the magnitude of the problem when compared to acute, sub-acute, and nursing homes (Asimus & Li, 2011). This project will conduct a retrospective chart review at a community-based primary care provider to determine the prevalence of pressure ulcers among elderly individuals who are
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