The Prevalence Of Strokes Among Women

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The prevalence of strokes in young women in the United States population is steadily increasing.1 Stroke constitutes a serious health care concern in women because it is the primary cause of incapacity and often times are misdiagnosed leading to death.1,7 Research initiated by these incidences has found several variants of risk and symptoms that predispose young women to stroke. Comorbidities linked to stroke include obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure; however, medicine is never in black and white. 7 Often times, medical professionals overlook the flashing warning signs signaling an inevitable obstruction and solely look for the associated symptoms that were exhaustingly repeated in every medical textbook. The
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Cerebral Stroke continues to be a leading cause of long-term disability and even death in many countries. 3 Cerebrovascular diseases include ischemic stroke, hemorrhagic stroke, and cerebrovascular anomalies such as arteriovenous malformations and intracranial aneurysm; however, the majority of strokes are ischemic by nature. 3 Strokes result from the occlusion of a major cerebral artery by an embolism or thrombus, which ultimately leads to loss of blood flow to the affected region and causes an abrupt onset of a neurological deficit. 5 Neurological symptoms manifest within seconds because the neurons lack glycogen, causing malfunction in the conductance of electrical signals to certain areas of the body. 5 Cessation of blood flow to the head that lasts for more than a few minutes can cause infarction to the brain tissue. 2,5
Because of the complex anatomy and physiology of the brain and its vasculature, the clinical manifestations of stroke are highly variable. Evidence suggests that gender influences the various clinical presentations of ischemic stroke and how they respond to treatment. 7 Women tend to have a higher overall lifetime risk of stroke as well as higher rates of post stroke disability, depression, and mortality in comparison to men.7 Approximately, 6.8 million individuals in the United States have had a stroke, most of which are women (3.8 million).3
A common misconception of strokes
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