The Prevalence Of The Human Papilloma Virus ( Hpv )

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Introduction What cultural, social, behavioral, and educational factors most often explain the high prevalence of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in the Caribbean? The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection worldwide in the form a DNA virus that is sexually transmitted through direct skin-to-skin or sexual contact in the genital, oral, or anal regions. Symptoms of HPV include genital warts, cancers of the vulva, vagina, and penis. Most individuals with HPV do not develop symptoms of the infection. Currently, there is no way to tell which people who have HPV will develop these symptoms of cancer or health issues. Methods of behavioral prevention for HPV include avoidance of any skin-to-skin contact…show more content…
After having lived there his whole life and working out in the community, it was from his personal experience that he believed that HPV is a major issue due to the increasing amounts of cervical cancer he was finding within his health system. It is essential to determine a way to halt this infection so that other countries in the Caribbean with similar environments can utilize this research as well. While the issue of why HPV is prevalent purely scientifically has been discussed, the reasoning why it hasn’t been for other reasons has not. When tackling a monster as big as a public health issue that destructs on such a large scale, it is important to cover all of the bases for the form of prevention from scientific, medical, social, to even cultural-behavioral data. Jamaica has a severe lack of sexual health education immersed in an even more confused medical stigma creating a behavior towards HPV that is extremely representative of the Caribbean region as a whole with its genetic makeup and public health statistics serving as a median for the rest. This study explores these social, educational, cultural, and behavioral factors and how they influence the high prevalence of HPV in the Caribbean. Literature Review In The Influence of Early Sexual Debut and Sexual Violence on Adolescent Pregnancy: A Matched Case-Control Study in Jamaica, Joy Noel Bumgartner conducted interviews with 250 pregnant and sexually experienced females between the ages of

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